Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Three ways on how to decorate your envelopes

Hey people! Now usually, when you are sending a letter, you usually pop it in a white or cream envelope, lovely and plain, place a stamp on it, and then send it off! Well today, I am going to give you three examples, I did myself, of how to make your envelopes more decorative! Now, why would you do this? You may think. I feel, doing this you have really put time and effort into this letter, it is actually really fun to do, and also I think makes it more interesting for that poor postie delivering your letter on that cold rainy day to see that someone has made the envelop a little interesting. (By the way on the subject on post men, do any of you feel that the post men may read your post cards as they are not in an envelope and then are able to know what is going on in your life? Just a little wondering question I've had? Anyway, I've waffled plenty! Let's get on, and as always, big pictures are down at the bottom if you are not interested about the writing!

So this first one is so simple, but then so cute I think! First you just draw the clouds, sun, rainbow, and rain drops in black sharpie. I did it in sharpie so when I put the water colours on, it wouldn't leak or run as sharpie is permanent/waterproof pens. And then basically you just fill in the sky with water colours, I blended colours, adding some purple and green to the sky just to mak
e it more interesting. Then I just coloured the sun, rainbow and rain droplets in with sharpie again!

This one is quite wacky and fun, alittle like an optical illusion. So first of all you must start with drawing a box for where your address is going to go, you could also draw a little box for the stamp in the left hand corner but I didn't on this example. Then you just start in from the address box and just draw swirls going outwards until yo have covered the entire surface! Then you are done. Ta da!!

This envelopeis quite similar to the first one with the cloud although s little simplar with a little bumble bee in the clouds. This has not back ground colour with just the bee as a pop of colour!!


Hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you can re create them please share them with me and any other ideas for decorative envelopes! You can find me on instagram @anna_crichton or on pinterest under Anna Crichton or leave a comment on my google+ account, anna crichton !!! Hope you liked todays post, I shall see you very very soon!!! Love ya! xxx

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