Sunday, 21 February 2016

W7 in the buff: Review

Hi guys it's me again and I know, it's been ages since I last blogged. This post is gonna just be a quick and short one about the W7 in the buff makeup pallet I recently purchased!
I ordered this from amazon at an amazing price of £4.44!!! This seemed very reasonable as well as being a no.1 best seller as well as getting four and a half stars. So if you want to go and check it out, click here.

Lovely box, easy to open, maybe slightly to chunky for my liking but that doesn't really matter, lovely copper colour and quite big. I think I would have preferred it slightly smaller for travelling wise, although it is absolutely amazing to have on your dressing table!!!

When opened, there is no mirror, slightly disappointing but you can get round that!!! The most amazing colours varying from metallic to matte and a huge range of colours to chose from as well! There is a handy brush with an applicator side as well as a blending brush on the other end.

The actual eye shadows are wonderful, very pigmented and easy to apply as well as I absolutely love all the colours! These colours are identical to the Naked pallet, Urban decay and from what I can see they are practically identical, apart from the huge price difference! While urban decay is £51.49 and in the buff being £4.44, I would personally opt for in the buff. Yes, Urban decay may have slightly fancier packaging and a nice big mirror as well as NAKED written massively on the front of it, there is absolutly no difference! I mean, are you willing to pay £47.05 more for just a brand name and a mirror??? Cos I am deffo not!

To conclude, I feel that the W7 in the buff make up pallet was a great purchase and I have really enjoyed using it! It is such a reasonable price and  such great quality as well, I think I am going to really enjoy using this more!!