Sunday, 27 December 2015

Scrap booking equipment

Hi guys! Today I am going to be sharing to you about my scrap booking equipment! This is kinda a follow on from a previous post I did on my scrap book flip through, to give you guys inspiration of techniques and ideas to do in your scrap book! So go and check that out if you want. So, lets get started!

So obviously, first of all you need a scrap book. Now you can either get one of those fancy proper scrap book, (I have only one of them) or, you can just use an ordinary notebook like I do most of the time and as you can see, I have quite a large collection!! With note books, there are so many kinds, small, big, lined, plane, squared, thick paper, thin paper, coloured paper, patterned paper, plain paper and then obviously the front cover. So really, you need to think about what you are going to be doing in your scrap book and what type would be the best for you. For instance, I have a scrap book with quite thin pages and I use a lot of water colours so I regret not getting a thicker paged notebook.

To start off with, you basically need the straight forward basic essentials. This mainly consists of glue, scissors, tape, pencils, pens, ruler, and a c
raft knife and cutting board. I find a cutting knife and board so useful for scrap booking, I just use then all the time!! You can just get craft knifes from any stationary shop or craft shop. I got mine from PenToPaper for I think about 99p but I'm not to certain!

Now these things are just amazing!!! They are photo corners and are just so good, I love them so much. If you don't put pictures in your scrap book, just ignore this, but for all you who do, I would really recommend them. They are basically little sticky corners which you put on the corners of your photo and then stick it down! I got mine from Paperchase for a really good price. Also, Paperchase has some amazing stickers and scrap booking stuff so go and deffo check out there website here:

I use water colour paints alot in my scrap booking, as my scrap book has plain lined pages and I like to make them a little more colourful by using water colours. I like merging colours and doing different techniques with them for example sprinkling salt on the wet paint and using the wax resistant technique. Any water colour set will do, I used to have the miniest bog standard one and I loved it to bits! Although now I have upgraded to a Winsor&Newton one which is extremely nice with amazingly good quality paints! If you don't have a water colour set and are thinking of getting one, I would really recommend this one, there website is:

And then obviously to go with the paints, you need paint brushes. These can range from cheap plasticy ones to very expensive amazing quality ones and  have mainly got a mixture of both. It is also good to have a range of sizes because it may vary what you are painting and how big/small you want the paint stroke. I would recommend WHSmith for straight forward paintbrushes: and for more up market and better quality, I would recommend Winsor&Newton, see link above.
Washi tape!! Literally the best thing ever!!!!!!! Now I only got this set of washi tape a couple of days ago, and already, I AM LOVING IT!!! All you can say is I am definitely going to be purchasing more of it! You can just do so much with it, and it just makes everything so much more fun and creative. I really regret not ordering some sooner, it is just so good. The only slight thing about it is it is slightly expensive, like not massively but I think for a packet of 5 this was £12 or something, I can't remember exactly! I would recommend amazon for getting washi tape or this online website called scrobby. Now scrobby is in the Netherlands, but I would really recommend ordering some stuff, their scrap booking stuff is A MAZE ING!!! Scrobby's website:

The same with stickers basically! They are just so useful and fun, especially these super good quality ones which are slightly 3D which I think I got from paperchase. I feel that there is not very many good places to get stickers from because I was trying to hunt down for some stickers on amazon and I just couldn't find any nice ones anywhere!!! So for stickers, I would advise Paperchase, Scrobby and Smiglge.

Sharpies! Sharpies! Sharpies! Who doesn't love sharpies?? They are literally the best thing in the world!!!! They are so good for doodling and amazing art work as well as fantastic colouring with no ink lapping at all!!! I have always loved sharpies and will always love them! You can order them on practically any stationary shop, WHSmith, Amazon, PenToPaper, anywhere!!!!

Well that is it on my scrap booking equipment blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to leave me a comment on what you use for your scrap book which I haven't mentioned here!! Thanks for reading! Bye!

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