Friday, 25 December 2015

Scrap booking Pages

Hi guys! It's me again and today I am going to show you some of my scrap booking pages and hopefully they will give you new ideas and inspiration! I absolutely love scrap booking for any of you who don't really know what it is, it is basically a journal of anything you like, photos, diary entries, memories, quotes and so much more! These are also known as smash books! So, let's get started!! BTW IF YOU CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO READ ALL THIS, SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM FOR JUST THE PHOTOS IN LARGER SCALE!!

So this is actually a very recent page from yesterday when I went to my best friend's house! So as you can see I use water colours to give the pages colour! I do this with all the pages because I feel it just looks so much more bright and cheerful! Here as you can see, I have used a kind of photo booth layout with long strips of photos. To do this, I used an app called "Retrica" which allows you to have different layouts, you can download this for free in the app store onto your tablet, iPhone, iPod excreta!

Here I have kind of done a Polaroid effect with one picture per page. And then I have given it a short title and the date. I have tried to mach the water colour background to the pale lilac sky.Also with this photo I have illustrated it with some faint little clouds with smiles and rosy cheeks. This just gives this extra touch as I felt without the illustrations, it looked slightly plain!With the backgrounds,  I also sometimes sprinkle salt onto the wet water colour which gives it a very lovely grainy textured effect. You have to be careful to not make it too watery otherwise it can sink through to the other side! To go around this problem, you can buy thick, better quality paper, or only do one entry on every other double page so that no entry is back to back. Or, like me, just try not to water down the water colour to much!

This is a entery of me writing about a bath bomb called "shooting for the stars" As you can see, for the background I have mixed many colours to try ans mimic the bath bomb. Another great thing to do for backgrounds is that to mix and merge the colours with kitchen towel. You have to wait for the colours to have dried slightly and then you gently mix them up. Try not to rub too hard otherwise you will rip the paper. With this you can also see that I have made a little folder for the wrapper by just using paper and double sided scelotape. And then again, as you can see, I have stuck in a photo of it to give you an idea of what it was like!

Here is just mire inspiration for how to lay it out! I usually give my pages titles in many different kinds of fonts! I have also used arrows so you can see which photos I am talking about. I also decorate them with little illustrations, liike the holly in the corner! The only slight problem is that if you do it in sharpie (like I did) Is that if you don't have think paper or you use both sides of the page, sharpie does go through the paper as it is permanent marker!

Now I know in the previous page, I said that sharpie was a problem because it went through the paper, well I actually used sharpie for this page! I feel that if you have stuck something on on the other side, over the paper, and you won't be able to see that it has come through, that is fine by me!! This is basically a whole page of things I love. I just feel this has a very positive feel and makes you think about the good things in life as most of the time we only remember the bad and horrible bits!

I also love to put in bible verses into my scrap book, I put in ones that encourage me, make me think harder and more thoughtfully and ones that are just wonderful in every single way!!! Here are some bible verses I would recommend: Psalm 46:10, Philipians 4:13, " Corinthians 5:7, Proverbs 31:3oEphesians 2:8, 1 Corinthians 13, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 25:1-2, 1 Timothy 1:15. Now I could go on and on of amazing verses of god's word, but I'll stop there!

There's not really much to say about this entry! it is just a mixture of photos with a water colour back ground. There is some fancy font at the top, I feel different kinds of fonts always make things better! And then I have just written about how I went into town that day!!!

Here I have done a illustration and a painting of Christmas shopping! With more fonts and everything! If you are stuck on what font you should do, go on pinterest, there are some amazing ideas there!!

What I find great with scrap booking, is to stick memories and cards in! You can either make little pouches for them, like I did with the path bomb one (look above) Or you can just stick them straight in! Here, I have got my first Christmas card of the season, 2k15. I always like to write a little title as well, short and sweet like a polaroid title! This is also the perfect oppertunity todo sharpie stuff on the other side as it will go through the paper, although the paper will be covered up with the card so perfect!

On both of these, I have put quotes and bible verses, again, Pinterest is a very good place to find inspirational quotes or any kind of quote. To let you into a little secret, I get all my quotes from Pinterest and then my bible verses from my good old trusty bible!! And then you can illustrate them! For the left hand picture on the right page saying "you are my sunshine", I have used cardboard for the sun's face just to give it texture and for it to be unique!!

                                                                  PICTURE TIME!!!

 Hope you guys enjoyed this! I am also going to be going a blog post on scrap booking materials, so keep an eye out for that!
                                                      AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

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