Thursday, 28 May 2015



Now, lets face it, no one likes revision! It's a horrible thing you have to waste your holidays on, slaving over it, while the rest of your family are on an outing somewhere nice. Especially as it's half term, revision, is taking over it.
In this post I'm going to share with you a little how I revise and what I use to do it with. Hopefully this post will help you what to use to make it easier to revise. 


Highlighters are a very important part of revision work as they color code things and make something stand out to you which might be helpful. I got the Stabilo Boss Original highlighters which are really good and last for ages. If you haven't got any highlighters click on the word here: and check out the super good ones I got!!!

Fine Liners

Fine liners are also a very useful color coding source and are perfect for writing out flash cards and drawing diagrams and graphs. You can pretty much get fine liners in any stationary shop like Pen To Paper, WH Smith, Paperchase, and even Sainsburys!
Here I got a packer of 20, and the brand name is Staedtler, which is amazing as they last forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flash Cards and Memory Notes

Flash cards and memory notes are basically the same so I am putting them together as a memory thing! These are really good to have as you can take them anywhere with you while you go about your day. I find them incredibly useful as I memorize stuff on them gradually. I would really recommend writing a few of them as they are really good. The memory flip cards things I got from Blott (best shop ever!!!) If you want to have a little more of a look at it click here: Anyway these are just a smaller version where you could write a question on the front and the answer on the back!


Post its are the most useful thing on earth!!!I have about ten massive packets of post its around because they are so useful. Stick them to anything and when you are going around your day you can glance at them and slowly memorize the info on them!!! For french they are also useful for color coding as you could write a feminine word on a pink post it and a masculine word on a blue post it and then you'd think of the word as pin or blue meaning it would be masc or fem!


A notebook is always a good thing to have around for revision. They are easy to whip out of your pocket at any time of day to either make notes or read a little bit of yr previous notes! These you can as well get in any stationairy shop and are super cheap, perfect for revision! If you want you could make your note book and decorate it a bit and make it into a cool snazzy journal/diary/filofax.

All in all I just love to go stationary shopping so in the below I have listed a couple of my fave stationary shops websites, enjoy:

Pen to Paper:

My Room!!!

HI everyone! Today, I'm gonna write a bit about my room, as I am gonna get it redecorated! Yay!!!! So if you don't already know, my family and I moved into this house just outside of Headington (Oxford) and we are having builders in, which is really chaotic. Anyway, after all the building work we are getting my room getting decorated, and I am sooo excited. 
I've decided to go with Farrow&Ball which is a really nice, amazing quality type of paint! I love blue so why not go for blue paint! My room us quite small so I decided that going for a dark kind of paint would not be wise. These paints I have chosen makes the room feel so much bigger and spacious! 

Pavilion Blue. 
So for the walls I am going for a paint called Pavilion Blue although it is more like an off white and it is super white, meaning it will let in more light, which is the main reason for choosing it! So here it is:
  Blue Ground.
 Now I love this paint, I think it is the BEST!!! It is a really nice color which is kind of a really seaside look blue, which I super like!I think this goes really well with the Pavilion Blue and I can't wait till we paint my room!If you want to take a closer look into the Farrow and Ball paints check out their website at: