Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Room!!!

HI everyone! Today, I'm gonna write a bit about my room, as I am gonna get it redecorated! Yay!!!! So if you don't already know, my family and I moved into this house just outside of Headington (Oxford) and we are having builders in, which is really chaotic. Anyway, after all the building work we are getting my room getting decorated, and I am sooo excited. 
I've decided to go with Farrow&Ball which is a really nice, amazing quality type of paint! I love blue so why not go for blue paint! My room us quite small so I decided that going for a dark kind of paint would not be wise. These paints I have chosen makes the room feel so much bigger and spacious! 

Pavilion Blue. 
So for the walls I am going for a paint called Pavilion Blue although it is more like an off white and it is super white, meaning it will let in more light, which is the main reason for choosing it! So here it is:
  Blue Ground.
 Now I love this paint, I think it is the BEST!!! It is a really nice color which is kind of a really seaside look blue, which I super like!I think this goes really well with the Pavilion Blue and I can't wait till we paint my room!If you want to take a closer look into the Farrow and Ball paints check out their website at:

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